This blog deals with the theory and practice related to high-performance process improvement (HPPI), as outlined in the book with the same title (Springer 2010). For more information about HPPI solutions and related publications, please visit https://www.vistalizer.com (the website of the VISTALIZER for Enterprises  app), or the company website of Vistalize Oy available at https://www.vistalize.com or https://www.vistalize.fi.

Short Bio of Me

I have been a consultant and researcher in high-performance process improvement since 1993. I hold a M.Sc. (Tech.), PhD and Dr. Tech. degree from Helsinki University of Technology, nowadays part of Aalto University. I am the founder and CEO of Vistalize Oy, a Finnish management consulting and technology company specialized in high-performance process improvement.

I have written two books, Process Improvement Essentials (1998), and High-Performance Process Improvement (2010). Besides, I am the creator of the VISTALIZER improvement technology that deals with high-performance process improvements in practice.

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