Recent Updates for High-Performance Process Improvement Solutions

Much has been going on in 2020 related to the High-Performance Process Improvement (HPPI) concept so I will provide an orientation about the advances in this blog post.

First of all the implementation solution, i.e. VISTALIZER for Enterprises has entered into version 3. This brings some fundamental changes to how to use the VISTALIZER for Enterprises app as it is now only available in English and via the App Store (iOS/iPadOS) and Google Play (Android). Check out the app stores’ product pages for more information. The Swedish and Finnish language versions of the software are discontinued. With the version update, the business model for this part of the high-performance process improvement process has also changed. The app is free to download. It contains in-app purchases, or more specifically auto-renewal subscriptions with different available time periods, starting with a one-week subscription. The subscription can be cancelled anytime according to the General Purchase and Subscription terms of App Store/Google Play.

The second new issues is the launch of, the e-commerce site supporting first and foremost the use of the new VISTALIZER for Enterprises app. The site provides PDCA review and feedback services for the practical PDCA excercise of the app (called “PDCA2”). This service can also be used for real-life PDCA documents. The site includes also a (video) blog that deals with issues related to the app. The blog, i.e. the one you are reading currently, on the other hand, deals with the total solution and general theory and practice of high-performance process improvement. The two blogs have thus a different perspective and emphasis.

The third issue is the recent launch of the VISTALIZER YouTube Channel. The channel provides (brief) video tutorials and feature trailers mostly related to the new VISTALIZER for Enterprises app.

All in all, the VISTALIZER improvement technology provides now organizations with a very attractive way of assuring both the improvement effectiveness (VISTALIZER for Networks and VISTALIZER Report) and the improvement efficiency (VISTALIZER for Enterprises). Increasing and maintaining a sufficient process improvement yield, with increased ambition levels, requires a HPPI solution fit for the task!